The Lucy Project is Under Way! Leading Off: Al Brown

Al Brown

We kick things off with Al Brown, a rat terrier. Thanks to Derek and Kim Dale for allowing us to photograph their fantastic dog. Derek and Kim “adopted” Al Brown several years ago. Al got attached to them, and they got attached to Al. And I think anyone else who visits the Dales will get […]

The New Frontier


I like this picture because it reminds me of when I first got my driver’s license. My friends and I would take off in the evening and just drive. We called it “Cruise Night.” We’d always find things to do and places to go, but we let things unfold naturally. Today, I feel like I’ve […]

Imagination Matters

Sometimes the simplest phrase captures the entirety of who you are at the moment. My wife and I attended a seminar in San Francisco in July 2013. One of the seminar speakers was Amber Naslund, @ambercadabra on Twitter. During her presentation, one of her bullet points was “Imagination Matters.” I thought that it was exactly […]

The Lucy Project


A week ago, my in-laws’ faithful lab passed away. She lived a healthy 15 years and was a constant companion to my in-laws. Her name was Lucy. In memory of Lucy, my wife and I are beginning a personal project, called The Lucy Project. We will visit our friends and acquaintances to take portraits of […]



Here is an example of a commercial from the Mobile Symphony Orchestra.