Film Episode 3

Went on a photowalk by myself. Not as fun as with other people, but I took my time walking around. Looking. Seeing. Not taking pictures. But I did take a few. This one looks a little Frenchy. This one is blurry, but cool. City Hall. And here you can see our Basilica in the background. […]

Scanning 101

Scanning negatives is not as easy it would seem. Maybe I don’t know what I am doing (highly likely), but I have to adjust each image individually, and even then ay have to do it all over again.

Solving Problems

Okay. So the 645 and the 67 are quite heavy and not exactly what you would call a walking around camera. So I got a new one. (Also not technically a walking around camera.) Nikon F4s!!! I can’t justify getting a new strap specifically for this. So, I am going to use one of my […]

Hey! You! Remove the dark slide!

Shot a whole roll of 120 at the Mobile Museum of Art. Only problem…forgot to remove the dark slide. So all my shots are DARK! ADDED Oct 29, 2014: And on top of that, I got the film developed! Need more brain power, please. (At least, I did’t try to scan them.)

Film Episode 2

Well, I’m suppose to get better right? The jury is still out on this one. But here are a couple of scans from my second batch. (Thank goodness for a light meter.) Having a little trouble hand holding the Pentax 645. (The first two scans are from the 67, the last one is from the […]